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Our Products

LAMATOLAMATO is a fully washable and maintenance free texture that is able to hide cracks and plaster imperfections
AFROPLAST VERTICALAFROPLAST VERTICAL is a durable coating that offer protective and decorative properties
AFROSPRAY (FINE)AFROSPRAY (FINE) is a fine textured stone coating sprayed onto the wall using compressed air and a hopper gun
A hand-crafted artistic paint style that transform surfaces beyond imagination, it can be used to give a classic aged appearance or a modern decorative art experience.

STONE TECHSTONE TECH is a natural stone aggregates embedded into a coloured backing that is trowell applied onto the wall
CRYSTALITECRYSTALITE is glass crystals embedded into a trowel applied coloured acrylic backing paste.
AFROPLAST CIRCULARAFROPLAST CIRCULAR is a decorative resin bonded plaster that offers outstanding water repellant properties
Technique PaintInspired by Italian Tuscan villas, TECHNIQUE PAINTING can be used to give a classic aged appearance or a modern decorative art experience.

GRANATICAGRANATICA is a natural stone in an acrylic emulsion. Granatica is trowel applied onto the wall to give it a smooth finish.
RIPPLE COATRIPPLE COAT is a sponge roller applied decorative paint that gives a ripple effect
CEMPLASTCEMPLAST is an innovative maintenance free cement based coating that gives an off-shutter concrete appearance
VENETIAN STUCCOAn acrylic paste applied onto the surface with a spatula, VENETIAN STUCCO is sanded down and finished off with a wax polish to give it a smooth glossy finish.

We manufacture our products in a wide range of colours and customise them to our clients' requirements.

Uses and Benefits

In Coatings are designed to enhance architecture combining design elements and our clients' imagination. Our products  are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and they have the following properties:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • excellent adhesion hence can be used on all surfaces 
  • Water repellant
  • Resistance to UV attack
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

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